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Learn about my love for teaching and where pyeMaths started.


Read about my teaching experience. From helping others in school to tutoring 13 students in my 2nd year.


Please have a look at my qualifications that I achieved at school and my current progress at university.


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I began helping students with Maths when I was in school studying for my A-Levels. I helped students at lunch-time lessons, taught Maths to friends and I also taught Maths to a younger student 1-to-1 weekly. When I arrived at university I wanted to continue this passion. I contacted local schools and in-turn they connected me with one local student who wanted some additional Maths help. Over the next few months, we made excellent progress, and he came away from his GCSE year with a B in Maths - a significant improvement from his failing E/D grade before Christmas. Entering my 2nd year of university, I knew that I wanted to grow more and more as a personal Maths tutor. I reconnected with more local schools and they helped to connect me with 2 new students. Over the academic year, this grew more and more - I tutored 13 students in total.

Entering June of my 2nd year, my availability in Bath became restricted as I had to travel home for the summer holidays. I desperately did not want to stop teaching my students so close to their exams and this is where I transitioned to online tuition. Ever since, I have had extremely positive experiences with online tutoring; offering fantastic flexibility and home comforts, whilst still delivering the same top-level Maths tuition. pyeMaths now enables me to teach students from all over the country - anywhere, anytime! I feel so privileged to be able to teach and share my enthusiasm with others. Please continue to explore this page and the rest of my website for more information.


I tutor Maths for two reasons. Firstly, I love to teach it; not in the same way that I was taught it but through my own understanding of how I’ve learnt it. I try to teach Maths so that even the most uninterested of students end up with a smile on their face or sparks a newfound curiosity. And that leads to the second reason, it’s an extremely fulfilling experience knowing that I’m helping others to enhance their education

Past Experience

(September 2016 – June 2017)

During my 2nd year at university, I connected with new students who were keen to improve their maths with additional tuition. I tutored 13 students, ages ranging from 6-18, at their respective maths level (Key Stage 1, Key Stage 3, GCSE and A-level). Each student and I worked together to help enrich their mathematical ability and grow their confidence towards the subject. I taught between 4 and 12hours weekly. I demonstrated excellent commitment and a good ethos for time management. I've learnt just how much I enjoy teaching maths and help other students; it’s a fulfilling experience.

(November 2015 – June 2016)

Throughout my 1st year of university, I tutored a 16-year-old student in IGCSE Mathematics. Maths did not come naturally to the student but throughout the year we identified their strengths and improved upon their weaknesses. We worked together to help improve their grade from a predicted E/D to a B (actual GCSE result). I would regularly mark exercises for the student as well as past papers and giving constructive feedback. I also provided regular feedback to the parents on the student’s progress and their interaction in the lessons.

(September 2012 – June 2015)

During my time at Caterham School 6th Form I participated in a “study-buddy” scheme, where I taught maths to a younger student on a weekly basis. I also regularly contributed at lunch-time sessions (maths clinic) where I would help students. I received positive feedback from peers and younger students which gave me confidence to keep teaching and constantly trying to better the way in which I communicate myself to students. I regularly gave up my free time to enthusiastically help others with their Maths.


University of Bath (September 2015 – Present)

2nd Year Results:

- 1st

1st Year Results:

- 2:1

Caterham School (September 2013– June 2015)


- Maths A*, Further Maths A*, Physics A


- Latin A

Caterham School (September 2010 – June 2013)


- Maths A*, Further Maths A* with Distinction, Additional Maths A

- +6 A*'s, 2 A’s, 1 B


Anthony Langdon (Head of Mathematics, Caterham School)

  • “Jonny Pye was a student of mine until last year, when he left Caterham School. Though a very strong mathematician, what really set him apart from his peers was his immense and contagious enthusiasm. Indeed, he was awarded a special school prize for his contribution to maths lessons, which were enriched and enlivened by his presence. Unusually for a student, he also thought carefully about the pedagogy of the maths that he was being taught, creating a book of the maths that should have been taught to students, but wasn’t. I genuinely believe he has the potential to make a superb private tutor and am happy to recommend him. He gained teaching experience through the school's study buddy scheme and maths clinic where he was excellent at helping younger students develop their mathematical skills. He is also an utterly trustworthy young man, and I would be happy to leave students in his care.”


Stephen Lander (Assistant Head of Mathematics, Caterham School)

  • “I have known Jonny for the past five years in my capacity as a teacher at Caterham School. I have taught him mathematics throughout that time and also was assistant head of his year group though school years 9 to 11. Jonny has always been a highly conscientious and reliable student with excellent organisational skills and a real passion for mathematics that has been particularly evident through his time in the Sixth Form. As a highly able student with a diligent and conscientious approach, his own understanding of the subject up to further maths level is excellent and he could be relied upon in lessons to ask intelligent and thought provoking questions that added significantly to the learning atmosphere. He prepared a presentation on a topic he had studied and delivered it with clarity in a revision lesson for further maths. Jonny studied mathematics beyond the scope of the A-level curriculum in his own time and for example wrote a project on the number “Pi” that encompassed some of the history of mathematics as well as asking philosophical questions that was highly commended by the school.Another very clear aspect of Jonny’s personality is a desire to help others. This was evident across different aspect of school life. He was captain of the 1st XI Football team and a versatile player in the 1st XI Hockey team which enjoyed success in the National Plate competition. He always had time to help his peers with their own understanding of mathematics, giving up his time to attend school lunch time maths clinics where he helped students successfully prepare for exams. He chose to take part in a school “study buddy” scheme which involved him giving regular help and advice to a younger student.I feel sure that Jonny could go on to teach mathematics in the future, though I am also sure he will have a wide range of possible careers in front of him. He has a warm and friendly personality and works well with others. He also is by nature reflective, taking help and advice on board as well as thinking carefully about his goals and self-evaluating.

    He would be well suited I believe to the role of a private tutor as he works his way through university. He would think carefully about the best way to enable others to make progress, drawing on his experience here in school and I would expect him to form a good business like working relationship with a pupil of secondary school age.”

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