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Hi there, I’m Ollie, a secondary school Science and Maths teacher. After studying Biology at Oxford University, my love for learning quickly became a passion for teaching. With a PGCE, two years of teaching and 4 years of tutoring under my belt, I have a good understanding of how daunting exams can seem and how best to tackle them.

My students and I work together on clear, step by step explanations to the problems on their syllabus. We never move on before feeling 100% confident that everything is understood. We then take the time to repeat and practice the problems with challenging variations, until solving them becomes second nature.

I currently tutor GCSE Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology alongside A-level Biology. If you have any questions please get in touch, I’d be happy to help.


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October 2020
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Experience, Maths GCSE Tutor


Experience, 2 Years as Maths & Science Teacher


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University of Oxford (September 2015 – June 2018)




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