| Luke Roberts

“Ollie helped me so much with my maths GCSE. He tutored me maths two times a week for most of my year 11. I liked the way he would explain really clearly how to solve a problem, we would make a step by step method that I found easy to follow then we would practice the problem together until I got it right every time. I always felt good after a session with Ollie because I could see the progress I was making. At the beginning of year 11 I was getting 6s in my maths mocks but in the end I got an 8. When lockdown happened we did our sessions online but they were just as good as normal because of Ollie‚Äôs visualiser and webcam that meant I could see everything he was writing and him at the same time on my computer. I would definitely recommend Ollie as a tutor if you want to improve your maths.”