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Testimonials about Ollie

Nia Osbourne

“Ollie is helping me get prepared for my science GCSEs, specifically physics. He goes through how to work out everything very clearly and sets homework to allow you to try some questions on your own but also is there to help with anything you get stuck on, even on the homework. I am never usually confident answering questions in physics but from working with Ollie my confidence is growing enormously.”


Luke Roberts

“Ollie helped me so much with my maths GCSE. He tutored me maths two times a week for most of my year 11. I liked the way he would explain really clearly how to solve a problem, we would make a step by step method that I found easy to follow then we would practice the problem together until I got it right every time. I always felt good after a session with Ollie because I could see the progress I was making. At the beginning of year 11 I was getting 6s in my maths mocks but in the end I got an 8. When lockdown happened we did our sessions online but they were just as good as normal because of Ollie’s visualiser and webcam that meant I could see everything he was writing and him at the same time on my computer. I would definitely recommend Ollie as a tutor if you want to improve your maths.”


Ellie Sweeney

“Ollie was my tutor for over a year while I was studying for my GCSEs. He started working with me in January 2019 and continued working with me till March 2020. I always struggled in a science and Ollie made the subject a lot more clear and helped me understand it better. Not only did he make science enjoyable he taught me in a way which I would benefit better and help me understand a certain topic fully and he also gave me guidance on how to remember equations and experiments. Additionally, I was starting to struggle with maths and Ollie explained to me how to answer problem-solving and broke down how to answer difficult equations which helped me a lot. Without Ollie, I would have not gotten the grade I got so I’m very grateful for him helping me with science and maths. ”


John Roberts

“Ollie tutored our son GCSE Maths for almost a year, ahead of his GCSE exams. From the off, Ollie came across as a friendly, intelligent young tutor with high expectations for my son’s work and progress. He stretched Luke’s Maths ability every session and was definitely a major part of Luke’s GCSE Maths success. Ollie’s passion for the subject clearly rubbed off on Luke as he is now taking his Maths studies on to A-level. Ollie was very organised, planning a scheme of work and providing feedback to each session through a clear shared spreadsheet we all had access to. He set Luke challenging homework which he would then give detailed feedback on, leaving no stone unturned. I would highly recommend Ollie as a tutor, over the year we built up a strong relationship with him and hope to keep in touch long into the future. Worth every penny!”


Margo Sweeney

“I was extremely fortunate to have Ollie recommended to me to tutor my daughter who was struggling in Science.  My daughter, who was in Y10 at the time, was working towards her GCSE’s and she felt overwhelmed as well as out of her depth with a lot of the content across Chemistry, Biology and Physics.

From the very first tutoring session, Ollie’s approach and enthusiasm for Science was contagious.  He managed to engage and instil confidence in her that she was then able to transfer into her learning.  Ollie tutored her for well over a year but sadly it stopped abruptly due to Covid and the cancellation of GCSEs.  During that year, it was rewarding to see the progress she made and to gain a passion for a subject that she disliked.  Ollie made the sessions enjoyable, fun and most importantly she looked forward to her weekly tutoring sessions.  Ollie created a “Success Sheet” and together they worked through specific areas that she needed support with and implemented strategies to assist her with her learning.

I would highly recommend Ollie as a Science tutor and from my experience, it was a pleasure to see my daughter grow in confidence and learn to love a subject she struggled in.  He is an inspiring teacher and I am truly grateful to him.”


Emma Harris

“Ollie has been working with my daughter Nia for over 3 months now helping her with her GCSE science specifically with Physics. We have been block booking 6-week sessions to enable Ollie to build a programme of study which is aligned to my daughter’s development areas. At the end of each 6 sessions, Ollie provides me with a detailed progress report. Working with Ollie has been fantastic for my daughter she looks forward to her sessions and is growing in confidence with her science. I would highly recommend Ollie as a tutor.”