| Angus Batchelor

“I had Jonny for around 15 sessions leading up to my A-level Maths. I was predicted an A/A* in Maths, however for my Cambridge university offer I needed an A*, so I worked with Jonny to remove silly mistakes and iron over gaps in knowledge. His use of the interactive whiteboard was brilliant and allowed me to go through problems with him, whilst much of the work was very exam orientated which was useful in eliminating silly mistakes. In particular, a past paper question that we went through was very similar to one in the C3 exam, that, without Jonny’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to answer.

Jonny was able to go through and teach me the entirety of Vectors, a C4 topic, from scratch, so that I was able to start doing full exam past papers. Jonny is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, he was easy to have conversations with and get along with, making it easier to learn and not seeming like a lesson at school! The booking system is easy to work and allows you to book as many sessions as often as you want.

In the end, I got my A* and achieved 93/100 in C3 and 99/100 in C4, and a lot of this was down to Jonny’s help!”