| Freddie Lampert

“At the start of Lower 6th (September 2018), I began my A level maths course and struggled. Throughout the first year I thought I could get by in maths however I ended the year on an E. Then I got in touch with Jonny and we worked all summer and up until March when COVID-19 hit. Under his tutelage, I turned my A level maths around. He is a remarkable tutor who explains complex maths in a very simple way. We worked hard together and I scored a strong B in the upper 6th mock (February 2020). I am awaiting my result in my A levels but I’m confident that, had the exam went ahead I could have potentially scored an A. A lot of this is down to how well Jonny guided me through the A level course. He is a superb teacher who helped vastly improve my A level grade.”