| Liz Baer

“Jonny has been tutoring my 17-year old son, Tom, for the past six months or so, preparing him for his AS-level Maths exam. Jonny is a very pleasant, well-spoken young man, who very quickly developed a good rapport with my son. Being not too much older than him, Tom found it easy to relate to Jonny, and they share a passion for football! Jonny clearly has a knack for teaching / tutoring, and Tom has found it hugely helpful indeed. He had been on the verge of giving up Maths for A-Levels, finding it immensely difficult, but Jonny has given him the confidence to carry on with maths, and he has come on in leaps and bound; Tom is now a capable mathematician.

Jonny explains things patiently and clearly, and is quite happy to go over, and over, and over something if need be. He is quietly encouraging, and celebrates the successes with Tom — indeed, I’m sure he is eagerly awaiting Tom’s AS Maths results as much as we are! Tom feels able, and confident to now continue with Maths for A-level. Jonny is 100% reliable, was always on time, and his low-key, flexible approach to tutoring has made a massive difference to Tom. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Jonny.”