| Seb Reid

“Jonny was very helpful with my A-Levels. When I first started working with Jonny at a C grade – with thinking I could achieve at max a B – he told me after one session that I was “easily achievable” of getting an A! This made me very pleased to work harder and keep sticking at it – which Jonny helped me massively with. Due to his young age, it’s much easier to connect with me on a mathematical sense in terms of understanding as well as the social side which made our tutoring sessions focused yet enjoyable as well.

With our tutoring sessions were very focused with topics and papers. We worked over a lot of content as he asked me specifically what I’d like to work on and where also he found gaps in my knowledge and worked on them until I was very confident. We went over content right up to the evening of my exams to know exactly what I needed.

I would highly recommend Jonny as a tutor to anyone and have really enjoyed the sessions and very happy coming away with an A in A-Level Maths.”