| Thomas Baer

“Before I began working with Jonny at the start of year 12, I was very close to giving up the subject. I had no confidence in my maths and was not enjoying it at all. However, once I started having regular sessions with Jonny, this changed dramatically. His method of teaching works on delving beneath the surface, which really helps you to understand the topic much more. I used to look forward to sessions and his likeable personality contributed greatly to this. Without Jonny’s help, I am 100% I would not have been able to achieve the B grade I came out with. This has set me up well for my final exams and Jonny has given me the confidence that I can genuinely strive for the top grades. Overall, I would highly recommend to use him as a tutor, especially if you are finding maths tedious as he is passionate about making it engaging for everyone.”