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Freddie Lampert

“At the start of Lower 6th (September 2018), I began my A level maths course and struggled. Throughout the first year I thought I could get by in maths however I ended the year on an E. Then I got in touch with Jonny and we worked all summer and up until March when COVID-19 hit. Under his tutelage, I turned my A level maths around. He is a remarkable tutor who explains complex maths in a very simple way. We worked hard together and I scored a strong B in the upper 6th mock (February 2020). I am awaiting my result in my A levels but I’m confident that, had the exam went ahead I could have potentially scored an A. A lot of this is down to how well Jonny guided me through the A level course. He is a superb teacher who helped vastly improve my A level grade.”


Angus Batchelor

“I had Jonny for around 15 sessions leading up to my A-level Maths. I was predicted an A/A* in Maths, however for my Cambridge university offer I needed an A*, so I worked with Jonny to remove silly mistakes and iron over gaps in knowledge. His use of the interactive whiteboard was brilliant and allowed me to go through problems with him, whilst much of the work was very exam orientated which was useful in eliminating silly mistakes. In particular, a past paper question that we went through was very similar to one in the C3 exam, that, without Jonny’s help, I wouldn’t have been able to answer.

Jonny was able to go through and teach me the entirety of Vectors, a C4 topic, from scratch, so that I was able to start doing full exam past papers. Jonny is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, he was easy to have conversations with and get along with, making it easier to learn and not seeming like a lesson at school! The booking system is easy to work and allows you to book as many sessions as often as you want.

In the end, I got my A* and achieved 93/100 in C3 and 99/100 in C4, and a lot of this was down to Jonny’s help!”


Josh Tollit

“Jonny really helped me prepare for my GCSE maths exam. He is easy to understand, explains problems and helps you work out the answer rather than telling you. His use of diagrams and pictures really helped me and the white board notes were good for looking back at. I could send Jonny my homework and maths paper questions and we would use these in the lesson to go over difficult questions. He made me think !! He always gave me confidence in my ability and had loads of patience going over the same thing.”


Matthew Smith

“The biggest compliment I can hope to pay any tutor is that they can turn complex concepts in to simple ideas through explanation and the use of examples. Jonny is very adept at doing this, helping me with regards to core mathematics A Level at a time I was particularly struggling with the material.”


Immy Smith

“Since beginning my tutoring with Jonny nine months ago, my confidence has improved significantly, allowing me to take big strides forward in my Maths both at school and in my sessions with Jonny. He strives for perfection to ensure you really understand topics and is happy to explain them in a variety of ways to try and make things easier. Whilst I was struggling in my set at school when I started, Jonny has persevered and I am now ahead of a number of my peers.”


Laurie Maylor

“So having panic-emailed Jonny 2 weeks before my first exam, he reacted with amazing patience and calmness. He tackled my lack of understanding behind a lot of key mathematical areas, and it instantly bought results. He worked hard with me to gain confidence in some maths that I really didn’t enjoy or want to do, and it proved to be very helpful in my exams. Jonny bought my E’s in S1 and S2 to an A and a B respectively.

He’s great to work with, very relatable and an inspiration for my future studies. I highly recommend!”


Seb Reid

“Jonny was very helpful with my A-Levels. When I first started working with Jonny at a C grade – with thinking I could achieve at max a B – he told me after one session that I was “easily achievable” of getting an A! This made me very pleased to work harder and keep sticking at it – which Jonny helped me massively with. Due to his young age, it’s much easier to connect with me on a mathematical sense in terms of understanding as well as the social side which made our tutoring sessions focused yet enjoyable as well.

With our tutoring sessions were very focused with topics and papers. We worked over a lot of content as he asked me specifically what I’d like to work on and where also he found gaps in my knowledge and worked on them until I was very confident. We went over content right up to the evening of my exams to know exactly what I needed.

I would highly recommend Jonny as a tutor to anyone and have really enjoyed the sessions and very happy coming away with an A in A-Level Maths.”


Thomas Baer

“Before I began working with Jonny at the start of year 12, I was very close to giving up the subject. I had no confidence in my maths and was not enjoying it at all. However, once I started having regular sessions with Jonny, this changed dramatically. His method of teaching works on delving beneath the surface, which really helps you to understand the topic much more. I used to look forward to sessions and his likeable personality contributed greatly to this. Without Jonny’s help, I am 100% I would not have been able to achieve the B grade I came out with. This has set me up well for my final exams and Jonny has given me the confidence that I can genuinely strive for the top grades. Overall, I would highly recommend to use him as a tutor, especially if you are finding maths tedious as he is passionate about making it engaging for everyone.”


Marni Owen

“Jonny was very helpful in last minute reassurance and confidence before my AS exams. He explained topics well, so that I understood what I was learning rather than just having to memorise the facts. This will be incredibly useful for the rest of my Maths A-Level, I have learnt skills for life through Jonny.

I found the online lessons particularly useful as I had a busy schedule and couldn’t always find the time to meet in person, and the lessons are just as effective as there is an online whiteboard.”